1. General regulations:

The terms used in these Terms and Conditions have the following meanings:

Member of the site: any individual(s) or organization(s) having registration accepted and account granted (including anonymous accounts used only for comment and reading) by us under the “Use of the Site” herein. Members may be the business owners, uses or both.

Business Owners: any individual or organization(s) who have registered their business using information listed in the Site.

Users: any any individual(s) or organization(s) who are seeking services available on the site (also known as our Client or Customer).

Service: listing service or information service or any other service provided by us to Clients.

Aidindz.in is an online business listing website via the Internet.

The services/products published in aifindz.in must comply with the stipulations of the law.

Subscribers/users of services on aifindz.in both individuals and organizations, are responsible for the adequate, accurate and complete disclosure of personal information (full name, date of birth, residence, landline/mobile number, location of work, account information, etc.)

Aifindz.in is not responsible for the accuracy or legality of the products/services published or advertised on this website. However, our customer service is available to support very quickly and effectively to provide solutions for any complaints and comments about false or inaccurate information related to the product/services offered.

2. Rights and obligations of the business owners

Assume responsibility for the quality of the products/services published on aifindz.in

Assume the responsibility of solving the complaints and claims of the users about the quality of the products and services provided.

To be responsible for the accuracy/authenticity of the post (including but not limited to information about content, images attached, …) and the transaction.

To comply with laws on advertising, listing and other terms and conditions regulated by us.

To Pay Service fee on the due date as agreed with us. We have the right to suspend or terminate the Service in any case of delay in payment and apply other method to claim Service fee unpaid.

3. Rights of the members/users of aifindz.in

The members of aifindz.in have the right to:

Use all the services provided by aifindz.in.

Feedback on the products/services, but at the same time they must guarantee that all the information included in your comment is accurate and true.

Request support to resolve any difficulty in the publication and search of information.

Make complaints questions online.

4. Obligations of the members of aifindz.in

Take responsibility for the confidentiality of your account, password and email.

Be responsible for the accuracy of the information published by themselves on aifindz.in.

Commit to not use the services of aifinz.in for fraudulent and illegal purposes. In case of violation, you will be responsible before the law.

Commit to not using the information and services of aifindz.in for third party without prior approval.

5. Rights of the administrator of aifindz.in

The censorship in accordance with this regulation does not mean that administrator of the site makes any commitments, guarantees or is responsible for the legality of the information/images posted by members.

Edit, adjust or disapprove the ads published by its members without prior notice if it detects any violations.

Temporarily or permanently block the right of its members to access the website if those individuals violated the law or went bankrupt or in the process of serving a sentence.

To readjust the terms and stipulations, as well as the rates of the services and the form of payment and to notify of these modifications to members within a period of one month.

6. Responsibilities of the administrator of aifindz.in

Guarantee the absolute confidentiality of all the information of its members.

Commit to guarantee the safety and stability of the entire technical system.

Receive and process the comments, complaints and claims of customers about our products and services.

Commit to become an informative bridge between the business owners and users, and carry out the activities of promotion and market expansion, in order to provide greater benefits to its members.

Thanks customers for your trust in our service. With the aim of making our website largest online business listing platform in Meghalaya, we hope to meet and satisfy your needs to grow your business with greater possibility and quality.