Why register your business?

Aifindz acts as an online business directory which helps potential customers to identify learn about and contact businesses relevant to them.

Aifindz is tailored made for Meghalaya that means your business will not be buried under other businesses from other states giving it a prominent platform to stand out and be noticed.

Your business listing on Aifindz will also features links for people to follow you on your social media accounts as well as directing people to your own website with Aifindz also acting as a mini website for business where you can showcase all the selling points of your business.

How to register?

First you will have to open any internet browser and type www.aifindz.in and on the hompage go to Register which you will find on the top of the page on the PC version and under the user menu section and click on register.

After clicking on register, a window will pop up that will ask you to enter a username, a password and your email ID. Select theI have read the terms and condition and click on Register Now. Once this is done you will also receive an email to confirm your registration. You can then use your username and password to login which you can find at the top of the homepage and under the user menu for mobile users.

Once you login, you will be redirected to your user profile page where you can fill the necessary details you want to be public including phone numbers, emails, social media links etc.

How to post a business listing?

You have to be login to be able to post a business listing. Once you are login you will be presented with the Listing Type which you will have to choose one main category and the sub-category that is relevant to your business.

Under the Information Tab yow will be see Title and Description heading. Title will be the name  your business listing and we suggest you add the name of your business in this section. Under the Description heading you can add general information about your business.

There are different tabs with different headings depending on which business listing you choose which you can fill up according and format in the style of your choosing like bold, italics, bullet points etc. You can copy your text from any word processing software like Microsoft Word and paste it into the website. Fill out only information that is necessary for you.

Under the Opening Hours Tab you can choose your business hours and to show as closed just leave it as blank.

Under the Location section, just choose the district your business is located in.

In the Image Upload section, you can upload upto 10 photos of your business.

In the Listing Packages just select the Basic Package for 30 days free, select I have read the terms and conditions then click Submit Listing.

If you missed out in selecting and filling out any important fields you will be shown what you missed. After filling up all necessary fields that you missed, click Submit Listing again.

Your listing will be approved once we verify everything looks good and you will be notified via email.

Will my listing expire?

No, your listing will not expire.

Can I edit my listing?

Once your listing is approved you can make edits to your listing like changing the photos, your details etc., by logging into your profile, go to My Listing and click the Edit button. After you complete your editing, scroll down to the end and click Edit Listing to submit your edits which will be approve automatically.

I deleted my listing, can I recover it?

If you deleted your listing before the end of the expiry date, it cannot be recovered as it gets deleted from the system and database itself.

Can I submit more than one listing?

Yes, you can submit more than one listing, there is no limit as of now.

How do I contact Aifindz?

Right now Aifindz can be contacted through email by writing to aifindz_support@aifindz.in.  or by calling 8131081163.

What do I do if my business category is not available on Aifindz?

You can write to Aidindz about your business, the services you provide and we will do the rest.

Can I list my business if it’s located outside of Meghalaya?

Yes you can list your business if you are providing services related to Meghalaya.

Can I report business listing that is doubtful?

Yes, there is an option to report with each listing or you can write to us directly.

Is there a word limit about business details provided?

No, there is no word limit.

How do I use tags?

While using keywords to associate your product or service, separate your keyword with a comma. For example cake, coffee and not cake coffee as that will make cake coffee as one tag unless separated by a comma.

What kind of images should I upload?

We recommend that you upload images that are in landscape mode and not portrait mode.